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Interac Flash® an enhancement of Interac® Debit, allowing you to pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently.

What is Interac Flash®?

The Interac Flash® service is a contactless payment with the functionality of Interac® Debit, and has all the benefits of Interac® Debit but it allows you to pay for smaller purchases faster and easier. When making a purchase for less than $100, you can choose to use the functionality by simply holding your card in front of a supporting reader at a check out. Your purchases will be deducted instantly from your bank account. The transaction uses chip processing and relies on the same secure network as your Credit Union debit card - no need to insert your card or enter your PIN.

The cards have a cumulative limit and once reached insertion of the card and entering your PIN will be required to process the transaction. After that, more transactions may be processed as “contactless” transactions until the limit is again reached.

How does the Interac Flash® service work?
The symbol on your Member Card® debit card identifies it as one with Interac Flash® technology:
An Interac Flash® purchase involves two steps:

  1. You hold your card no more than 4 cm in front of the terminal or reader.
  2. A beep and/or “approved” message on the terminal will acknowledge your purchase is complete.

You may complete any payment related transaction using the Contactless technology, including purchase, return, pre-authorized, purchase correction and return correction.

Do I need to activate the Interac Flash® feature on my card?
Yes, the contactless payment feature is activated by a Chip and PIN transaction. This security feature helps ensure that the contactless feature is only used by the legitimate cardholder and is not usable while in transit.

What if someone steals my card – what will stop them from emptying my account?
Another layer of safety comes from limits set on your Member Card® debit card enabled with the Interac Flash® service.  The maximum amount per purchase using the Interac Flash® service is $100. On top of that, there is a cumulative spend limit of $200.  Once this limit is reached regardless of the time in which it is reached, you will be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN to complete the transaction. This will re-set the limit and transactions may be processed as “contactless” transactions until the limit is again reached. The cumulative spend limit may take several days to be reached – it doesn’t reset at a certain time.

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For Lost/Stolen Cards Call

Interac Flash MemberCard

Business Hours Call: 306-628-3687
After Hours Lost/Stolen Call: 1-800-567-8111

Global Payment Mastercard

Business Hours Call: 306-628-3687
After Hours Lost/Stolen Call: 1-800-561-7849

Credit Union Mastercard

Call: 1-800-561-7849

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